For a relatively small city, Sydney has a lot of talent. Some photographers don’t like to share much with other photographers but I’m lucky with a bunch of photographers that I consider friends. They are all very talented in different ways and it doesn’t feel like we are in competition. There is such a small pool of models here that we are all bound to work with lots of the same guys.

One of those talented guys is Sam Gatsby Lim who I was lucky enough to be in FRONT of the camera for a couple of years ago. Sam is a beautiful soul trapped in a beautiful man. He has such a lovely energy that being tied up in rope bondage for the first time to model was a wonderful experience.

He’s released his first book called Black & White featuring a lot of his rope bondage work and he’s planning more. The work is sexual, sensual and visually compelling. A very good combination. This book, the first of several planned books for Sam features 44 models photographed in 11 cities and 7 countries.

Please go and support Sam by clicking here and going to buy this beautiful book. Mine is on order now!