Now I know that I’m most well known for my photography of male nudes and through this blog, my tendency to be nude myself. I get that and I know that’s how this blog got it’s initial burst of followers. For those that are new here, way back in 2005 I started the blog and shortly after had a public nudity challenge. Readers sent in lots of photos nude in lots of places and then I was challenged to take part. When I posted these photos someone sent the link to Gay Fleshbot and they posted it and I had 13,000 hits in one day. So it’s fair to say that my success is largely tied to male nudity which I’m fine with.

Today though I had a comment on yesterday’s vlog on YouTube from someone with a very French name so I’m assuming they are French. The comment was just five words “…beautiful nude men or nothing!”

Apparently I had the nerve to post something (as I have done before) that wasn’t tied to nakedness. Guess what? I will do it again. Even though I have seen a lot of nudity on YouTube, they have very strict rules about nudity and monetisation etc etc so while I will post more behind the scenes videos on photo shoots of nude men, I will also post a lot of non-nude adventures.

I think it’s sad when people are so focused on one thing that they can’t appreciate something different. Besides, there are dicks and beautiful nude mean all over the internet. A quick google, or likely click back through your browser history will get you there.