Over the past few weeks I’ve binge watched a few seasons worth of a British show called “Portrait Artist of the Year” on YouTube. As you can tell from the title it is a portrait painting competition and my god there are some talented people in this world.

I took up photography because my father instilled in me a love of photography as a teenager but mostly because I’m not good at painting and I’m not patient enough for painting. Apart from inspiring me to want to pick up a paintbrush, which would just frustrate me no end, it’s made me contemplate doing some modelling for life drawing or posing for an artist.

From memory, I posted a similar thought on this blog several years ago and it resulted in one brief sitting with a reader/vague acquaintance who had done some life drawing. Of course the idea of being the focus of a room full of fully clothed people while I stand/sit there nude is absolutely terrifying but I’ve always loved the creative process and seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes is always an interesting experience.