Sexual role play is not something I really understand or am into but I understand that people really enjoy it. Experimenting with giving up control can I guess be quite seductive and interesting but it pushes my insecurities and it makes me question why someone wants to dominate someone else to get off sexually.

Last week on twitter I saw an image and corresponding post that made me sick. The image was of a man with a black eye and the twee that went with it was something along the lines of him displeasing his alpha master and he needed to be told. Reading other tweets from this “Alpha” made me realise that the submissive wasn’t just role playing, and that the black eye was part of the physical punishment and complete subservience to the “alpha”.

Thankfully the responses to his tweet showed me that there are a lot of people who agree with me that this has moved past role play into a very dangerous mindset for both men. Firstly anyone that has their self worth defined by someone else and needs that, they need emotional help. Secondly to the asshole who needs to control someone to the point of violence and boast about it online, I want to know who hurt them as a child.

Something has gone horribly wrong in a life to end up where that guy is emotionally and it makes me scared and sad.