Everyone in this crazy world thinks differently and has different expectations about situations. On the weekend I met someone that made me realise how different we can be. It wasn’t even that big an issue but it seemed quite odd to me.

A model approached me a couple of months ago asking if I was interested in collaborating and he had a great look so of course I said yes. He lives interstate though but he was planning on visiting Sydney so we made plans. It turns out he was staying in a hostel in a dorm room and he hated it. I woke up on the morning of the shoot to a message from him asking if I had a spare bed or anywhere for him to crash. Um, no.

All he did was complain about how he was hating Sydney and how he wanted to go home but he had another shoot a few days later. After the shoot he even hinted that he wished he could stay at my place. Then he couldn’t get hold of the friend he was meeting to catch up so he was angling to settle in at my place and relax for a few hours til he heard from her. Um, no.

It was so odd to me that he would ask me, a complete stranger if he could stay at my place for several days and at the least just hang out for hours. Sorry buddy but I don’t have complete strangers stay and I’ve got plans and things to do. Thanks for the shoot though.