Back when I was living in London a little show called Pop Idol started in the UK. It went on to spawn American Idol, Australian Idol and a bunch of other idols. It hasn’t been on in Australia for some time now. The first winner of the UK Pop Idol title was Will Young.

Will made an impression on me not only for his beautiful voice but for his intelligence and his sense of justice. That shouldn’t be any surprise considering he studied politics at University before the Idol experience. Shortly after winning and having a number one single he came out publicly as a gay man. As well as a music career he runs an entertaining podcast called “Homosapiens”.

It’s been a while since I’ve bought one of his albums as they don’t get much press over here so a few have passed me by but after a bit of a hiatus in his musical career he’s just released the cracking “Lexicon”. I’d forgotten just how beautiful his voice is and I love the album. There are some fantastic songs on it. I guess I’m just recommending you go and have a listen!