If you’re having a low key, lazy Sunday like I am then you may just be stuck in a YouTube vortex too. Inspiring myself and feeling lazy in equal measure I’ve been watching “People Are Awesome” compilation videos with people executing awesome feats of physical prowess.

It’s amazing what the human body can do with a bit (whole heap) of practice. I have no desire to fly a wing suit through narrow canyons but I can watch people do things like that for ages.

I’ve also, oddly been watching lots of videos of people recycling old materials into beautiful furniture or household items. One guy turned dozens of old skateboards into a spectacular board room table. If I were in a financial position to do so and needed to decorate a home, I would commission a table very very similar as a dining table.

Last night and the night before I was Master of Ceremonies at the 20th Anniversary shows my circus school put on and there were some beautiful routines on show. Maybe it’s the rediscovered enthusiasm for working out but I’m feeling like I need to do some more circus stuff and finally get round to putting a routine together.

In short, this post is saying that people are awesome. There are a lot of amazingly talented people in the world in all sorts of fields, sporting, creative, scientific and many more. It’s nice to feel inspired rather than depressed by all the other shit going on in the world.