Way back in 2003 I came home from living in London at the lightest I’d ever been thanks to a youthful metabolism and working long hours on my feet all the time. So I joined Fitness First to build back the muscle that I’d lost while I was a poor backpacker. Since I was staying with my parents in a different city I joined there and with that chain knowing I could use any of their gyms.

Sixteen years later I’ve started the process of terminating that membership. Unfortunately I predict there will be arguments when they try and keep taking my money. Fitness First are also known as Finance First because of how hard they work to not let members leave. If only they worked as hard at retaining members by keeping them happy or just focused on the millions of members they have rather than just getting new members in the door.

At my new gym, Lift Performance Centre it feels like a very supportive network of trainers and clients. Sure, I miss out on the locker room experience but that’s not why I go to a gym. It’s not just the 8 week body transformation challenge that is motivating me. The gym has a vibe that is great and I’m really enjoying the atmosphere. In the middle of week 3 of the 8 week challenge I think this gym will be good for me.

If you sign up there, tell them I sent you!