Grindr, Scruff and all the other options out there have created a very surreal world where you can have casual, anonymous, dial-in sex at pretty much any time and almost guarantee that you are going to run into these people again because you’ve harvested from the crop of local guys in your immediate vicinity.

Sure, if you live in a more suburban environment those guys are going to be more spread out and in rural regions someone may have driven an hour for a random hookup so that lessens the chance of an awkward encounter.

I’ve just got home from a quick pub dinner with friends (I didn’t drink and I ate a very healthy meal to fit in with the body challenge) and at one point they waved to someone who came over and said hello. They introduced us and we both looked at each other and laughed. We hadn’t actually met before but we’ve spoken online and were both part of a group chat trying to organise some group sex at one point.

It was actually refreshing that both of us acknowledged it. It’s a strange world that has come about from all this easy-access anonymous shenanigans. I think we’ve all had the situation where we see someone we’ve been naked with and been inside of or had them inside us, but in public they refuse to make eye contact.