Today marks the end of week two of my 8 week body transformation challenge. I’m not going to lie, while I’m loving the workouts and the gym itself, the food changes have been tough. Eating the right amount of calories at the same time as getting the right amount of carbs and protein etc is quite a lot of work and obviously it means eating differently to the way I was eating before.

One of the other things is not drinking alcohol. I found out on Tuesday morning that they don’t want you to drink any alcohol while you are doing the challenge. Australia seems to be very geared to socialising around alcohol. One of my mates even joked that he’ll see me in another 6 weeks when I can be fun again.

I’m not a big drinker by any stretch, but I do have a drink or two a few times a week when I’m catching up with friends. Non-drinkers in Australia tend to get asked a lot of questions about why, why not, when did they stop drinking etc etc. and some people just don’t understand.

Now that I’m not allowed to have any alcohol it’s forcing me to reevaluate how often we drink and why. There are times when I’d just love to have a beer after a long day at work or over a meal with a friend but at the moment that’s not an option and I’m looking forward to seeing how much it helps.