Gay sporting clubs are providing a safe space for LGBT people to meet other LGBT people out of the realm of night clubs and sex venues and they’ve been increasing in popularity for several years now.

The Silverbacks are Sydney’s gay wrestling club and while still a small club they have a core group of regular guys and a coupe of women who turn up to train, spar and socialise. Each year they release a calendar and have an exhibition to raise money for charity and they approach a bunch of Sydney photographers to donate images to the cause.

This year they have asked me to be a part of the project which is very flattering and last night I went along to their training space in a very cool boxing gym here in Sydney. The shoot needs to happen in the next couple of months and I’m wracking my brain to come up with a concept that hasn’t been thoroughly over done over the years.

Given that my photography is mostly nude, I’d obviously like to stick with that but making sure the shots are suitable to be aligned with a charity and also to work within the comfort levels of the guys from the club that I work with. Time to do my research on imagery and see what I can come up with.