One of the stipulations I have when I send images from a photo shoot to a model is that they don’t add any other filters to the shots on social media. Last year I had a big argument with a model because he had decided to face tune the hell out of them because he didn’t think I had done the photoshop that we’d agreed. I don’t do Hollywood retouching and I had even done more than normal for him.

Today a set of photos were released by a very well known celebrity portrait photographer, Martin Schoeller. He had done portraits of the top 32 drag queens from Ru Paul’s Drag Race over the seasons. One of them, Brooke Lyn Hates had edited hers with extreme face tune and added a caption “The non homophobic version”. Clearly she’d taken it personally that the photo portrait a human with real features, even hidden below truck loads of makeup.

Firstly, the photographer is very very talented and it’s disrespectful and insulting to his career, skills and time to decide that you know better. It’s just rude. He’s been working for a very long time developing his signature look and all the skills to reproduce it consistently.

Secondly I have a real problem with the flippant use of the word “homophobic”. In a time in History when homosexuality is still illegal in some countries, Nazism is on the rise under the guise of being a “good American” and gay bashings and murders of trans people are still common, calling someone homophobic because they didn’t obliterate your natural features is juvenile and irresponsible.

Above are the portraits in question as supplied beautifully by Martin Schoeller himself. No extra retouching needed.