I’m very late to the party when it comes to watching Sense8. I’ve tried a couple of times but never got hooked properly. I’m finally starting to gain momentum with it. It’s so cleverly done and I find myself thinking that logistically it must have been a nightmare to film and plan.

Of course, the fact that all the actors, both male and female are beautiful doesn’t hurt, especially when you take into consideration that they all seem to get nude. I’m still on season one but we’ve already had an orgy and Max Reimelt seems to have no qualms about frontal nudity. Let’s hope a few of the others follow suit. I won’t complain at all if Brian J Smith wanders around naked a bit.

I have a few more episodes of Season 1 to go, then all of Season 2. At the rate I’ve been watching it that may take another year but I’m picking up speed so I doubt it.

There haven’t been many series that have managed to hook me of late. Always happy to take recommendations from my lovely readers.