Every year at the start of Winter, we Sydney-siders get a surprise when cold weather hits. Compared to North America or Europe, we don’t even really get cold but for a solar powered reptile like me it’s plenty cold.

We will be back into the low 20’s next week apparently for a few days but it’s been under 20 for a week or so now and it’s been rude. On my list of places to see and bucket list things to do is to see the Northern Lights, Antarctica and many more. Neither of those, nor several of the other things on the list include warm weather. Even in Iceland two years ago when it was above freezing I was still uncomfortably cold at times.

When I do go to the cold places on my list, like Finland I will be making the most of their sauna facilities to warm myself up and to keep my nude activity quota up.

Being in the snow does provide opportunities to do silly things like nude snow angels and those opportunities should never be passed up. Just because you grow older doesn’t mean you should ever grow up.