Now that I’ve begun the first week of the 8 week body transformation challenge I thought I’d better take a “before” shot. Now this isn’t the first before shot I’ve posted on this blog but I hope this time there is a difference between the before and the after. There is a meme I’ve seen that says “I’ve taken so many before shots that I’ve basically created a time-lapse of myself getting fatter.” That isn’t my goal.

Along with free membership for the 8 weeks including all the classes, the gym gives me access to a nutritionist who has given me goals on my food and a spreadsheet to track my “macros”. That is the most daunting part so far. It is a lot to think about during the day every day but I’m confident I’m on the right track.

I haven’t started with as much gusto as I would have liked this week. I’ve been each day so far but I was going to do an additional class last night but I was off work sick so didn’t have the energy to go to the gym.

Let’s see how much progress I can make in the 8 weeks. When I look at that “before” photo I am not at all happy with my body so that, combined with being given this opportunity is a good kick in the pants.