Who would think that one little click on a website could scare me like this? Scare in a good way, but scare me nonetheless.

Two weeks ago I saw something on Facebook for a competition at a gym that some of my friends go to. The competition is to win an 8 week transformation at the gym. I entered my details and they rang me to get me in for a meet’n’greet and to make sure I was capable in the gym. Then I signed up for a 4 week trial membership. This gym is more expensive than my regular gym but I may still sign up.

Today I looked at their facebook page and they had a video announcing the winner of the 8 week transformation. What did I see? I have won the 8 weeks. There are expectations around the challenge. They expect me to be in classes at the gym 6 times per week and they’ve sent me a nutrition plan as part of the 4 week trial already.

So now the hard work begins but at the end of the 8 weeks I’ll hopefully look and more importantly feel a lot better than I do now. Let’s see what results I can get. I have no expectation of looking like a men’s health cover model but a few steps closer would be nice.