Sometimes you just need some fresh air, good conversation and a bit of perspective.

When I posted a few weeks ago about feeling a bit blue, a guy I’ve known for about 4 years but haven’t seen in nearly that long, reached out and offered some time on his property. He paid for my flights to Dubbo in central New South Wales and in return asked that I take some photos of his newly renovated accommodation that he’s going to be renting out on his property. Pretty sweet deal.

On Friday night I left work and went straight to the airport and jumped on a little plane for the 45 minute flight West, followed by an hours drive. Over the weekend I’ve seen how dry central NSW is from the 3 year drought and that has given me a lot of perspective. Farmers are doing it really tough out there.

Amongst seeing his property, taking photos and catching up, I got to meet his 8 enormous draught horses. Charlie is the leader of the pack but Bob is the biggest character. He’s the one behind me in the gif above. He’d escaped through the electric fence and was on the outside of it.

A bit later in the day I went for a walk (not nude) and came across all 8 horses near a damn, some on the other side but at some unseen signal they all cantered around towards me where I was near the big leader, Charlie. It’s a bit unnerving as someone not used to horses, to see 7 of them running towards you wondering if they are running in a “Hi great to see you” or “Who the hell do you think you are?” kind of way. They stopped short and didn’t do anything threatening but my heart was racing a bit so I wandered off and left them to it.

It was a beautiful weekend. The Australian country is a harsh mistress but a beautiful sight, even in drought. There is a vlog to come!