Today has been a bit of a ride if you were here in Sydney and following a bit of localised drama going on.

A new Sydney based podcast popped up in the last day or two called The Sydney Gays and it’s first episode has people cringing hard. The two guys that run it are known around Sydney and they are polarising figures. One has a lot of followers on Instagram and the other has been on TV and on the scene here in Sydney for years.

The podcast is getting a lot of hate because it’s essentially all the shallow, self-absorbed stuff you’d expect from a couple of guys that never leave the Sydney gay ghetto. It’s about clubs, the gym, how many guys they hooked up with at a new dance party etc etc. While it promises to delve into deep topics such as racism, if the first episode is anything to go by it’s not good.

Do I agree with all the vitriol on twitter and facebook today? Not entirely. The guys have put themselves out there for public criticism and they aren’t handling the flack very well but I don’t think they need to be absolutely shredded for it. Sadly they are playing into the reputation that Sydney gays have at least here in Australia. Self-obsessed, shallow, all about partying and very little substance. So I can see where the hate is coming from but there are a lot of other shit podcasts out there and no one is forced to listen to them. If we slag off at them for being cliched A-gay stereotypes doesn’t that make us just as cliched?

To me, it’s a conversation between friends that didn’t need to be recorded, let alone published and promoted. As someone said, a drunken friend has probably said “OMG you guys are so funny, you should do a podcast.” and sadly, they’ve followed through with it.