In my spare time I seem to have been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately and yesterday I found a new channel. It’s run by a woman who goes out and asks people to share their darkest secret or to share the most painful thing someone has ever said to them. It’s fascinating stuff.

The series of videos she’s posted that I have watched the most are videos of people calling someone they have a crush on and asking them out on a date. Clearly that is something I would struggle with enormously. I’m not great at putting myself out there like that but maybe that’s something to work on.

The other problem is that I don’t have any crush to call. The guy I posted about last week that I have a crush on isn’t the kind of crush you ask out, just one to enjoy for what it is. I’ve never once pictured anything happening with us.

It’s a very bold move to call someone and ask them out if they have no idea that it’s coming and then to do it on camera is even more intense. You have to admire these people. The video below is one where it’s all guys calling their crushes, both male and female.