Living in an apartment building, there are always new people to see in the lift and coming and going from the building. We have all sorts of people in the complex. Of late I have seen a several hot men with their young children in strollers etc. One in particular in my building is very, very attractive.

The first time I saw him as I was busy trying not to get caught drooling something occurred to me that I found a little confronting. All these hot DILFs are at least a decade younger than me. I’m older than DILFs.

I know the term Daddy doesn’t specifically mean a father but in this literal sense, it does and I’m a bit shaken. There are people out there now having kids that I could technically have fathered myself. Wow.

Given they are straight and with partners have children, they seem to be my typical unavailable type but it is very nice to see them coming and going. It’s also gorgeous to see them being great fathers to their kids too.