In two more days, Australia will go to the polls in the Federal Election. Since the start of 2010, Australia has had six Prime Ministers and the last three in particular have been pathetic. Both sides of politics here in Australia have been prone to firing their leader mid term so out of those 6 leaders, the Australian public have only voted for about half of them.

I’ve never been particularly aligned with one party or another and have never understood that blind faith that a party is better than the other one regardless of what happens. The typically American thing of being brought up in a Democrat or Republican family is so strange to me but on recent form I’d have a problem if I raised a Republican.

I for one am hoping for a change in government at this election. The Liberal party who are leading now have shown a ridiculous amount of incompetence, borderline corruption and some just plain nasty policies. The Labor Party who are the opposition are much more for “the people” in my opinion.

With two days out, thankfully the media blackout on political advertising has started on traditional media so. Fingers crossed this all ends well.