Not so long ago I got to spend a few hours in the company of someone I’ve had a gentle crush on for several years. Nothing has, or ever will happen between us for a number of reasons and that is perfectly ok. I’m not going to list the reasons but they are valid and I won’t enter discussions about “just try, you never know.” I know.

I was talking about it with a friend over the weekend and we were discussing how it’s ok to have a crush and leave it as just that. Just as they say sometimes it’s best not to meet your hero just in case it ruins it, sometimes it’s just a sweet delicious feeling to enjoy a crush without the complication of trying anything.

It is very pleasant to be reassured that the person you have a crush on is also a lovely human and just nice to be around. We happily chatted over the time that we were hanging out about a wide range of topics and it was just chilled and easy.

Now, there are plenty of other guys I crush on that I would like something to happen. How do we make that work?