After a photo shoot yesterday morning I shared a photo in my instagram stories on my photography page of the model that I’d just worked with. A little while later the model messages me asking if I knew who a guy was who had messaged saying they were a photographer and asking my model if he did nudes. So far ok, right?

This “photographer” is someone that leaves one word comments like “sexy” on every photo or story on Instagram. Still relatively harmless but low key creepy. Next thing you know he’s sent unsolicited nudes of himself to my model. Yes they were self portraits but no legitimate photographer sends nudes of himself to a potential model. It’s now in the high-range creepy territory.

Let me just point out that the photographer is on the other side of the world somewhere and the chances of them working together are pretty much nil. My model is actually a friend and not a guy that does shoots generally.

So after all that I decided it was time to hit the block button on the guy. His vaguely creepiness had just escalated to a point that I wasn’t happy putting up with any more.