According to my countdown, I am leaving for Europe in 90 days. To say I’m looking forward to it is a huge understatement.

One thing I really want to get done by the time I go is to get my body back into some semblance of the shape that I want it to be in. My gym motivation is slowly creeping back but I really need to get my food and my training on track once and for all.

This week I weighed myself and I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been and while I know I’m not obese or terribly overweight, I just don’t feel good. If I’m going to be running around naked in Europe and hopefully making the acquaintance of several delightful European men, I’d like to fly the flag for Australian men in the best way possible.

More importantly though, I just want to feel good again. My body will never move the way it did in my twenties and I understand that but I’d like it to move more like that than an 80 year old man.