My boss is good at getting us out of the office for the occasional lunch or like today, a team building day. Today’s event was working as a team with horses as the extra member of our team and learning through them, better ways to work as a team.

Another thing that came from the day on a personal level was the reminder that I have wanted to do a shoot with a guy and a horse for a long time. Sadly that is quite a tough one to organise. I’m finding that I’m having ideas for shoots that are more logistically difficult to pull off but I’m sure they will happen.

A photographic inspiration for me who has also worked with lots of male nude figures and horses is Francois Rousseau, most known for shooting a few of the Dieux Du Stade calendars over the years. His work is exquisitely lit and just so elegant. If anyone near Sydney has horses and somewhere I can photograph them with a nude man or two, give me a shout!