Last week’s dark mood and the sluggishness of the last couple of months seems to be lifting a bit. Thank goodness for that.

This week at work has been stressful but also providing some wins. Since the digital designer was made redundant a bit over a month ago, my work is giving me opportunities to learn some digital work that I’ve never had the time/opportunity to learn before and today my manager seemed quite impressed with the results. Yay.

My gym focus seems to be coming back a bit as well which is nice. It still has a long way to go but it’s getting there. I have to figure out how to make cardio enjoyable so that I do it. If I work that out I’ll sell the idea and make millions.

In a few weeks someone I’ve known for a few years vaguely has paid for flights to go out to his country property in rural New South Wales (my state) to take photos of his property. He’s been getting part of the property ready for AirBnB and needs pics of it. He saw my post about struggling last week and thought it would be good for me to get out of the city for a weekend. He’s totally right and I’m happy to do the photos for him as a trade off.

He’s also a bit of a nudie as well so he understood completely when I said I’d need some nude selfies on his property for Instagram. You can never have too many after all.