Last week I had to turn down a free holiday in Indonesia, dammit.

A reader of this blog sent me a link to the website of a company who are about to start men-only, clothing optional sailing trips through Indonesia because he thought it might interest me. Of course it would! When I went to the website and watched their introductory video, I noticed that all the footage was from different sources and I was pretty sure they didn’t own the copyright. That was confirmed when I saw some of my own footage in there from one of my photo shoots.

I emailed the company and said that I was disappointed and pointed out that they were potentially exposed to a lot of copyright infringement suits. It was pretty clear though that they couldn’t afford to film content before they’ve started sailing and it turned out their video editor had given them the impression he’d take care of copyright.

They were very grateful that I wasn’t going to sue them and as a way of apologising they offered me a free spot on their first trip in July. Sadly all my annual leave is going towards my trip to Europe in August. Maybe they’ll give me a discount another time.