It’s safe to say that my attempts at making videos have been pretty basic. For my level of training and how often I make them, the quality isn’t bad at all but obviously I do aspire to be better.

A constant source of inspiration is the youtube channel, Beautiful Destinations. Started by the Jauncey brothers, they do collaborations with youtubers and obviously create their own content. Most of the videos I’ve watched have been fairly typical youtube traveller style but with a bit more elegant restraint rather than throwing every fancy transition they can at their videos.

Today they’ve just released a new video which is much more of a short film, art documentary profile on Daisel Cabriada Diaz, a boxer and aspiring magician in Cuba. It’s such a beautiful video created by Matias De Raga. This is the kind of video I aspire to. Stories of real people with heart and hopefully beautiful to watch!

Watch and enjoy.