There are a couple of families that I’ve grown up with that I would consider closer than my real cousins. One of them has drifted off a bit over the last few years but the other family are still very close family friends. Each easter we go away together in a tradition that now spans longer than I’ve been alive.

This year one of the “children” of the other family came with his wife and kids, having not been for about 7 years and to say it caused tension would be an understatement. The dynamic was completely different.

Now, I’ve spent countless hours and days with this guy growing up but as he’s gotten older he has become more driven by money and status than the rest of us. His opinion, according to him is the only one that matters and he and his wife just don’t seem to bother interacting with their children who as a result, are not my kind of kids.

Even his brother who I don’t see much but still get on well with got fed up with him last night and walked away. It was such a shame that the dynamic was so different in a bad way this year. Our Easter tradition is usually a lot of laughs and something I really look forward to.