There are people you meet along the way in life that make a real impact. One couple that I’ve known for 7 years or so now have become very good friends and very important to me. They are the couple I studied to become a marriage celebrant for and there aren’t many people I would have done that for.

The husband of the duo is a rare breed of a human. He grew up in very modest surroundings with quite working class family. He’s lived all over the country and done a million different things but all that has made him a very driven, knowledgeable and successful man. He’s also a very typical straight man. He loves his football, his wife’s boobs and all the other typical things that straight men like. The great part of him is that there isn’t a trace of toxic masculinity about him at all.

He cried at his wedding, he treats his wife and all women as his equal and he has never once had any issue with me as a gay man. His wife who is also one of my dearest friends is pretty good at making friends with gay men and one of the first friends she made when she moved here was with another gay man. Her husband, as he does with me has no drama giving me a kiss hello and a good proper hug.

When his football mates saw it the first time they gave him shit about it and he pulled them right up on that bullshit. The thing about men like him is that they are completely secure in who they are and they don’t need to conform to outdated rules about masculinity. If he wants to kiss his mates hello, he damn well will.