Letting people ask questions on Instagram stories is always fraught with danger. My personal page is full of me nude so people feel like they can ask really personal questions and a lot of dumb questions.

Yesterday I put an “Ask me a question” on my stories with the disclaimer that stupid and rude questions would be ignored and requests for dick shots would be ignored without question.

One person said in their question “You look very bottom, do you like dick or ass?” Firstly I would ignore that every time purely for the lack of grammar. Secondly what on earth do they mean by saying I look “very bottom”? Is that because I post a lot of photos of my butt? Well I’m not going to put a full frontal on there so if that’s the way people prove their preference these days I’m shit out of luck.

It’s so boring that in a time with marriage equality slowly but surely increasing around the world and mainstream visibility of gay celebrities and sports people increasing, that we are still making assumptions about peoples preference in the bedroom just by their look. I know of a few guys who are camp as hell and slim twinky looking guys who happen to be complete tops and we all know of rugged buff muscle guys who can take a pounding in the ass like nobody else.

Why don’t we just let people do what they like in the bedroom and leave them alone?