After so long trying to find models willing to fuck on camera, shooting and editing the final product, it’s here! This morning I released “Go Deep” the download of the shoot that I’ve been calling Art-Porn.

The mission was to blur the lines between art and porn and I think I’ve achieved it. People have told me they jerk off to my photography in the past and I don’t really understand that. To me it’s not wank material but then everyone has different “inspiration”.

It’s a very strange feeling asking two guys who are clearly into each other to stop the fuck and move positions and try something else. Most of the shoot was pretty free range and they got themselves into some good situations so I just kept shooting. The interference on my part was kept to a minimum.

The treatment I’ve put on the shoots is a modern version of an old film printing technique called “Solarization” pioneered by photographers like Man Ray.

If you want to see all the images, and I suggest you do, click here to buy Go Deep and all the other downloads. Warning, this download, just in case it wasn’t clear, contains nudity and actual penetrative gay sex. NSFW 18+.