My decision to hire a camper van to explore Corsica and Sardinia was motivated partly for the ease of it and partly because I’d heard there were nudist campgrounds there. It turns out that’s not the case in Sardinia.

Corsica has a couple of nudist campgrounds to stay in but Sardinia only has clothed camp grounds. A camper van is still a great option for me as I can explore and move around freely. What I’m now wondering is whether I need to stay in camp grounds or if I can just find a spot somewhere in the landscape and set up for the night?

After watching a few youtube videos of people living in vans the idea of waking up somewhere quiet and away from people really appeals. Open up the van door and see the ocean and wake up to the fresh air and sound of waves. There are of course limitations to staying in a quiet spot with no facilities which could influence my decision.

If anyone has any experience of Sardinia, I’d love to hear your stories.