It’s taken a long time but this weekend the photo shoot with the aim of blurring the lines between art and porn is happening!

My mate Troy who has featured in my photography a couple of times lately has some porn aspirations and he was keen from the moment I mentioned it. We did have another guy lined up but then he changed his mind so the hunt was back on.

A month ago a guy who lives in a different country threw his hat into the ring and it was just a matter of when we could coordinate him to be here. Well that time is this Saturday! I’m quite nervous about getting the quality of image that I want and not getting caught up and distracted by two hot naked men fucking in front of my camera.

My goal is definitely still to do full on fuck and suck photos but do it artistically and not do regular porn. Fingers crossed we get it right and the boys have fun while they are at it. Let’s see how we go.