A reader of this blog recently got in touch asking if I’d ever heard of the e-books from Gay Naked Destinations. I had to admit that I hadn’t but after a quick search I found the site and promptly bought the e-book that covers Southern Europe and Israel since that covers parts of the world that I’m going to.

There are five different books to buy covering different regions of the world and they are all full of information about where to stay and what to do in those areas all while leaving your clothes behind. We all know travelling and being nude are two of my favourite things and they are best done at the same time.

I’ll definitely be scouring the pages of these doing my research for this trip and any others I decide to do. Finding opportunities for nakedness in Europe isn’t too hard but having a resource like this makes it very easy.

If any of you have any travels planned or just in mind, head to Gay Naked Destinations and buy one or two of the e-books to help with your planning!