It’s often said that people meet their future partners at weddings. From recent personal experience I’m killing that statistic. Since most of my weddings as a celebrant have been for people that I know or am connected to in some way I’ve been invited to several of the receptions after the ceremony which is lovely.

Last night I got to enjoy a reception for a very fun couple that I know through my circus school. They are a straight couple but there were actually several gay men there. Sadly, none of them were available. Even at the weddings that have had a single gay man (there’s never been more than one) I have already known the person and they’ve been considerably older than me and neither of us were interested.

The happy couple last night did sit me next to a gorgeous gay friend of the groom’s who came from Denmark for the occasion. Scandinavians and the Danish specifically are particularly attractive to me but of course, he has a boyfriend. Sure, they have an understanding but he’s only 30 and goes for younger guys. Being 45 I don’t fit his target market at all.

One day I might be lucky enough to go to a wedding and meet a lovely single man who is actually available. You never know.