It’s fair to say I’m no minimalist. Sure, I’m not a hoarder and when I moved last year I threw out some stuff I’d been moving from house to house for 20 years. This week I started clearing out some of the digital trash.

I have been a member of and for a few years and I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone directly through the sites and on the occasions when I logged in I was either approving or declining friend requests, clearing notifications, occasionally responding to a message then logging out. There was no real interaction.

Snapchat is next on my list. I just need to figure out how to delete my account because you can’t actually do it through the app.

A bunch of my friends have said they are moving the Facebook app to another screen on their phone to minimise their usage of it. Maybe the world is starting to shift a tiny little bit to more real connections? Fingers crossed.