There are a lot of big personalities at my circus school. That’s not meant in a bad way at all, just to say that perhaps it takes a certain boisterous nature to dangle from the roof and defy death. Who knows? There are also some quite shy people who do it as their moment in the spotlight.

There are times at class when people might be feeling flat and we feed off the more upbeat energy of some of the others. Last night we were all in a hilarious mood. It’s very common for some pretty filthy jokes to fly around at times and watching someone crack up laughing while they are dangling upside down trying to learn a trick is a lot of fun.

It was one of those nights where we were all in the same happy, crazy, dirty, fun mood. Thankfully we share the space with another class who tend to be about the same.

Most of us have been training at the school and have known each other for a minimum of a few years so there is a certain level of comfort. That’s handy when you are stuck in an awkward position in lycra. Here’s hoping there are many many more nights like it ahead.