This weekend was a busy but very fun weekend. It was one of those weekends that is good for your soul.

On Friday night I had a spontaneous night of a few wines and some pizza with some very good friends and a couple of their friends that I’d never met before. It wasn’t a late night but it was great.

Yesterday morning started very early for a photo shoot of a very hot man with a ridiculous body who was also great fun to work with. Stay tuned for the first half of those photos to be released next weekend. Then I was the marriage celebrant at the wedding of some friends and had another great night celebrating. Today we all caught up for a post wedding pub lunch.

In between all of that I’ve binge watched the new season of Queer Eye and cried happy tears a lot. So it’s been one hell of a weekend.

Last week I found this video on Youtube about sharing happiness and it made me smile while I was watching it. You can certainly find happiness by yourself but sharing even the smallest moments with friends or loved ones makes it even better!