As a single man with a love for travel, most of my travel has been done solo. Sometimes that’s fun and sometimes it is less than idea. There have been moments when I’ve been somewhere beautiful having a great time and wishing I could turn to someone, friend or lover, and just grin at the fun times. At other times it can be amazing travelling alone. Feel like being lazy or doing something random? Sure. No one to explain yourself to.

When I put the call out to facebook asking if anyone wanted to join me in Iceland I was lucky. The friend that first volunteered turned out to be a fantastic travel buddy. We had no dramas sharing a camper van, splitting money etc and it all just worked.

So looking ahead to August, part of me wants to ask if anyone wants to join me at any part of my trip. Once again there will be camper vans involved and lots of nudity (hopefully) so it would have to be a carefully considered situation. How do I tell someone I think it’s best they don’t join me if they are keen but I’m not convinced?

Less than five months to go!