My models usually put a lot more pressure on themselves than I do to achieve a certain level of fitness or lean-ness for a shoot. The beauty of organising a photo shoot with a gay man in Sydney a few weeks before Mardi Gras means they are likely to be in amazing shape. Dane definitely was.

As you can see, Dane looks after himself very very nicely. I don’t even want to contemplate the body fat difference between the two of us but his dedication certainly worked for the photos.

Not only did the poor guy have to get up super early to meet me at a location a good 40 minute drive away, he had to do it for a complete stranger in an untested location. We were lucky with beautiful lighting and moody skies too. There were a few fishermen around but they really didn’t take any notice of the hot man walking around nude. The fools.

Dane is this week’s download available now from my online shop. Don’t forget all the downloads are still available (apart from Bohemian which had to be removed at the request of the model), so have a browse and buy them all!