In the past few years, whenever I’ve said I will perform a circus routine, I’ve either chickened out a week or two before or had to pull out due to injury. Performing doesn’t come naturally to me. Before a show I will be so nervous I’ll be outside throwing up. It feels like I sabotage my chances of performing well by not rehearsing enough or training properly.

Well today my friend and cloud-swing teacher told me that my circus school is aiming to put on a show for the Sydney Fringe Festival in September. So even though I’m only very much a newbie to cloud-swing she thinks I know enough and have time to really work on a routine. There’s an audition process so there’s no guarantee but I like having 6 months to work on it.

Today’s lesson was a lot of fun and I’m starting to feel less panicked up on the apparatus. The way it moves is so different to the apparatus I’m used to, the aerial silks. It has just as much of a habit of bruising and burning though, so at least that is familiar!

Now I just need to get my shit together, practice and build a routine. Obviously the video below is not me but it’s this apparatus. There are not many men doing static cloud swing apparently.