Michael Jackson and R Kelly are having rather spectacular falls from grace this week. Leaving Neverland, the documentary about MJ’s systematic abuse of two young boys, started airing here in Australia last night and footage of R Kelly having a melt down in front of a calm Gayle King has gone viral this week.

Both men have had rumours about their behaviour for years but it feels like those years are up. Michael of course has been dead for ten years but R Kelly is panicking. Both men have their supporters. Fans of Michael Jackson refuse to believe that he was capable of such things. It’s like Trump supporters. How far do they have to go to actually cross a line with their supporters? The power of celebrity seems to buy a lot of forgiveness with a lot of people. Just because you love Michael’s music doesn’t mean he wasn’t a manipulative predator of children.

Here in Australia it’s our male sports stars that get this treatment. Cricketers, Rugby League players and Aussie Rules Football players all have huge scandals but don’t seem to feel the full weight of the law even if they glass their girlfriends in the face, have drug scandals, rape scandals. The list goes on.

Why are we forgiving these people just because they’ve released some banger music or played spectacular football? Celebrities are people too and the bad ones deserve to be prosecuted and treated as criminals.