Being a fan of Kylie Minogue wasn’t something that was very cool when she first started out way back in 1987. She sold lots of records but not many people admitted to buying them. I’ve been a fan since I was the 13 year old boy in Wollongong who didn’t realise he was gay.

I will never have a definitive answer to the question I’ve been asked by dozens of people over the years, “Why is Kylie so popular with the gays?” What I do know is that even when I don’t love an album or a song that she releases, I still love her.

Last night was her first Australian show on the Golden Tour. We are always after the UK and Europe and she usually finishes the tour back in the UK for festival season there. I took two girlfriends who had never seen her live before and while it was one of the smaller productions she’s done in years, it was just as much fun as I hoped.

The video below is from 2002 in Kylie’s Fever tour and it’s one of my favourite moments from any Kylie show I’ve seen and that is 10 different shows now I think. Last night she looked like she was having just as much fun as the rest of us up there. Loved it!