When my friend Troy put his hand up to replace a model that had to cancel a while ago it was his first photo shoot. A week later we did his second which we already had planned.

This time we had Troy outside in amongst the gritty sand and beautiful sandstone on a little beach about 45 minutes from Sydney. Troy, as you can see is very comfortable naked and isn’t shy at all.

This week’s download is the result of that photo shoot called Sand/Stone. I’ve been to the beach a few times with Troy, always nude but I did discover he hates the sand. He’d much rather sit on the rocks where he doesn’t have to worry about it so it was with trepidation that I asked him to roll around in the very coarse sand at this beach. Baring in mind he was also covered in a light layer of oil to make his skin sheen so the sand stuck really well as you’ll know when you watch the behind the scenes video below.

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