Over the last two days I’ve been doing drag at a work event. I hadn’t done drag in ten years. It is a lot of fun to put on a completely different identity for a while and have some fun but it raised some thoughts in my head.

You get a lot of attention in drag and that can be great fun and not bad for the ego but then you realise it’s a bit of a novelty. In some ways I imagine it’s what the super hot guys get, superficial attention but the difference with them is people want to shag them.

Last week when Billy Porter turned up on the red carpet in a tuxedo ball-gown mashup the gay world responded with “Slay queen!” etc etc but would any of them shag him? Probably not. All these same guys last night on the Mardi Gras floats were in just the right swimwear/underwear with a perfectly flattering elastic harness. Camp but still emphasising their maleness.

I’m as guilty of it as anyone. As I said to my colleague yesterday, in drag I have the confidence to chat and flirt with the hot people I wouldn’t normally but I don’t have the appeal. Drag is a lot of fun and I definitely believe more people should have a go at it in their life but it is literally emasculating.