When I said I was going to try and do more youtube videos that came with the statement that not all adventures need to be big. Last weekend’s adventure was definitely a LONG day but it cost very little and didn’t need much equipment. These are the kinds of adventures I want to make a habit of.

Heading out to the Blue Mountains National Park a couple of hours west of where I live, my mates showed me some beautiful scenery. The end of the day was quite physically challenging but worth every step and every drop of my sweat.

I can’t say where it is because my mate who organised it made me promise not to. It’s a very secluded spot and we don’t want it over run with people although I would say a lot of people would struggle with getting in and out. The people we saw as we were putting on wetsuits were nearly the only people we saw all day.

Some of the footage is wobbly and not very clear in this but that’s because my GoPro is an old one. I’d love to buy one of the new Hero 7’s but I just can’t afford it.