With a black tie wedding booked in a few weeks I needed to get my hands on a tuxedo. I was going to rent one but that is actually nearly as expensive as buying one and last night friends told me that they’d had a great experience at a place that I’d always thought was really cheap in terms of quality.

I’ve just got home from going there and I was impressed. Sure it’s not a custom made Gucci tuxedo or anything but it was a really good fit and felt like good fabric.

Getting fitted for clothes is a daunting task and I’m one of the lucky people with a conventionally “typical” shape. Anyone who doesn’t conform to a standard body shape must feel very intimidated. As it is, I always know going in that I’m going to have trousers taken up at the hem and I have a thick neck so shirts need to be a touch bigger there.

Every now and then I have a bit of a chuckle at how social media and society in general is telling us to stand out and prove how unique we are but so often we just want to fit in and be just like everyone else. Being able to buy clothes off the rack that fit pretty well is a bit of a blessing. Being average isn’t an insult, it’s very handy.