I’ve just got home from a catch up with some friends at the pub and as you do, we covered a lot of territory with conversation. These are new friends that we worked out are mutual friends with some of the guys I went canyoning with on the weekend.

One of them is a nudist and we were talking about people’s attitudes towards nudity and sex etc. The mutual friends are guys I can happily hang out nude with and one of them came nude camping with us last month. They are friends that I would never fool around with though. That brought up the topic of friends hooking up etc.

I have some friends that I can be naked with, some I can be naked with and/or hook up with and some who I pretend have no genitals at all and don’t ever have sex. On the topic of hooking up with friends, we did talk about the fact that in the gay world it’s not uncommon for people to have met their friends by hooking up, then moving into friendship territory.

I have gay friends that I’ve known for years that we started by dating and hooking up before realising that was never going to work but have gone on to become some of my strongest friendships.

It’s one of those unique things about the gay world that make me smile. The straight world rarely manages that sort of thing but it’s quite common for us homos.