Sunday’s adventure was a lot of fun. Completely exhausting but totally worth it. We started just before 7am with a 2 hour drive, followed by a 45 minute hike. That led us to the start of our river adventure.

From there we spent an amazing 5 hours on the river floating on inflatables, walking through shallow parts and some scrambling over rocks. It was some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve seen with crystal clear water, sheer canyon walls and lots of different things to see.

We stopped for lunch and since we hadn’t seen anyone else in a long while we stripped off for some photos after eating, then chilled out some more. After lunch we had a couple more hours of moving down river before we had to make our way out.

This was the only part I struggled with. After a long day a STEEP clamber out of the canyon we had another hour of hiking, mostly up hill to get back to the car. I was absolutely shattered but very content at the end of it.

It was so much fun getting out of the city and seeing some beautiful scenery with mates. I definitely think there should be more of that in my life.